Why Avoid DIY Power Washing? Understand with Examples

Why Avoid DIY Power Washing? Understand with Examples

Commercial and residential properties alike might benefit from power washing to remove tenacious dirt, moulds, and grime. When you hire a power washing company, you can hire the services of highly trained and experienced experts. Pressure washing is not something to be taken lightly, even if the homeowner opts for a do-it-yourself approach. If done incorrectly, it can be exceedingly harmful. Pressure washers cause more than 6,000 accidents a year in the United States alone. Three potential hidden dangers with an example of DIY power cleaning are detailed below:

1. Chances of Physical Injuries

The force of a power washer should not be underestimated. Pressure washing should be done with care, as it can damage delicate body parts like the forehead, feet, and hands. A standard garden hose has around 50 folds the water pressure intensity of a power washer. As a result, power washers can inflict serious injuries. If you are not careful, a pressure washer can rip your skin off.

Similarly, if the pressure builds up, it might be difficult to keep it under control, which increases your risk of injury. Consider hiring a power washing company instead of doing it yourself if you are concerned about the risks.

2. Electric Shock injuries

Electricity is used to generate the high-water pressure needed to clean surfaces with a power washer. Power washers are inherently hazardous due to the increased pressure water and electrical power they use.

There are normally twenty to thirty feet of power cable, which tends to get loose and start cracking because of the wire's flexibility. Because the apparatus is being utilized with water, the operator is more vulnerable to electrical shock from these cracks.

In the event of an electrical shock or a fire, the consequences might be lethal. Grounded sources of power may lessen the likelihood of electric shocks, but they do not offer complete protection.

3. Exposure to cleaning Chemicals

Operators frequently utilize a variety of chemicals while cleaning mould, mildew, and filth off surfaces.

Humans and animals, on the other hand, are frequently poisoned by these compounds, which are usually dangerous and destructive. Chemicals like this are also bad for the environment. If necessary measures are not performed when using power washers for do-it-yourself washing, these chemicals could go into cuts or wounds.

Bacterial infections and other serious health issues can occur when such drugs enter the bloodstream directly. Power washing solutions teams have more knowledge about the effects of chemicals, how to use them safely, and how to deal with minor emergencies quickly than do untrained individuals.

Reasons to Hire a Pressure Washing Company for Services

Hiring specialists reduces the risks of power washing while delivering the necessary cleaning solutions. Professionals provide power-cleaning services with complete safety and protection. The charges are reasonable and the services are ideal for individuals without power washers, information, or skill.

On the job, the team is also educated to navigate slick, lofty, and restricted locations. As a beginner, you may just clean floors and not be able to wash windows. As a result, professionals clean the windows, floors, and outer surfaces of your property.