Why the Speediance Family Is Ideal for Smart Home Workouts

Why the Speediance Family Is Ideal for Smart Home Workouts

For ages, home exercising has been a thing but has sparked a flurry of interest during the coronavirus pandemic. The Covid 19 pandemic dealt a huge blow to commercial establishments, including gyms. As more gyms closed globally, people opened their eyes to more exercise avenues that would keep them fit and healthy. As such, home workout equipment began taking center stage in home gyms. Now, smart fitness technology is shaping how people work out at home in an almost similar environment as a regular gym. This article explains why Speediance is a viable option for your smart home gym. Read on to find out more!

Why Join the Speediance Family?

Speediance may be your best bet yet in your home fitness journey. Speediance is a fitness startup company that aims to provide individuals with the best smart home gym system. The smart gym is perfect for strength training and building muscle, with an all-in-one smart gym for you to do more than 100 exercises at home. The best part? When installed in your home, the equipment has a small footprint, so it doesn't consume enormous space.

Joining the Speediance family means you have access to the best equipment and accessories. Also, Speediance offers individuals fitness courses, coming in handy for you if you are struggling to achieve your fitness goals! Speediance has more than 200 courses that span 15 minutes each, meaning you have no excuse for not having a few minutes to spare for exercise.

You can customize your workout plan to entail the best regime for you. This includes the duration and movements you prefer to adhere to. Also, there are more than 100 videos of professional trainers to teach and motivate you as you exercise.

What Equipment Does Speediance Offer?

Joining the Speediance family entails paying a membership fee of $29 per month. However, one can order a product- the Speediance Gym monster, to enjoy free membership in 2022. This product has an all-in-one design for individuals to achieve full-body training targeting all major muscle groups.

Speediance comes with a 21.5-inch touchscreen that you can mount or install on a wall. The touchscreen hangs from a curved support beam lifted above the base that holds the machine's processor and gears. Also, the touchscreen has four attachment loops for you to attach to any weight accessories.

The gym monster can turn into different equipment types, including a ski machine, gantry rack, a rowing machine, and a squat rack. Joining the Speediance family also gives you access to the following workout accessories:

  • Hooks
  • Triceps rope
  • Bench
  • Smart handles
  • Rowing bench
  • Skiing handles
  • Barbell
  • Ankle straps

Gym monster is AI-empowered with a digital weight system that you can choose the optimal level for your workout needs. The equipment also monitors your workout status to motivate you to finish a session and prevent you from injuries. You will receive workout analytics and records, helping you measure and track your progress on Speediance and the Speediance app.

Bottom Line

Being part of the Speediance family is the right step towards achieving your home workout fitness goals. Speediance has cutting-edge technology for you to enjoy a smart gym right at home. The company offers the best smart equipment and accessories to guide, motivate, and track your progress as you work out at home.