How to shop for real crystal necklaces online ?

How to shop for real crystal necklaces online ?

It can be pretty hard to purchase quality jewelry, more so if you're buying online. It may seem easy, but it's really not. There are various reasons anybody would want to walk into a necklace store to purchase jewelry. It could be for a special occasion or just to add another item to your jewelry collection.

As the world has become more internet-oriented, it is easier to purchase things online nowadays. There's the usual fear of not getting exactly what you ordered or getting something that's not as quality as what you see online. However, there are different ways to overcome these problems, and here are some tips you could try if you want to purchase real crystal necklaces online

1. Read reviews

This is the first thing you should do when you come across any shopping website. Read the reviews. This will help you know if the company or online store treats its customers well enough. Notice how the company handles complaints from customers. Don't just read one review and conclude. Read a couple of them, both the good and the bad ones and try to use your sense of reasoning to determine whether it'll be good to buy from that store.

2. Ask a jeweler

Most physical jewelry stores also have online stores. If you know someone who makes a living out of selling jewelry, they would know where you can find the most authentic crystal necklace at the best prices. You may even be lucky enough that they have it in stock but beware of overpricing.

3. Ask your friends and family

If you've found a secure website to buy the jewelry and you're not sure which one to choose, you can ask your friends and family for advice. It can be tricky shopping online because you can see multiple things you like and don't know which one to choose, mainly if you have limited finances.

4. Make sure you're getting a complete look

People have so much jewelry that they never wear because they don't have a plan for them. If you're buying a crystal necklace, you should envision your outfit and buy ratings that match. Just complete the look, so you don't end up like people who keep buying and spending so much on maintenance costs and never end up wearing them anywhere.

5. Consider the store's return policy

Read through the online store's return policy and see how they deal with complaints and the time frame for making returns and refunds.

6. Consider your pocket

If you know you don't have a lot to pay for a new necklace, or it's just super hard to find the crystal you like, you could consider getting an old chain repaired or revamped. This is a wiser approach to saving some money, and it's economical. Just find a skilled repair person, and your necklace would look as good as new.

You can also modify the necklace you have to suit what you want. Just give it to the repair person and make sure they understand the assignment before giving out your old necklace.


Buying a genuine crystal necklace online isn't easy but follow the above tips for an easier online experience. Make sure to also consider your budget and the store's policies.