How to Know Your Pressure Washer Pump is Bad

How to Know Your Pressure Washer Pump is Bad

A pressure washer is an addictive machine. After using it to clean once or twice, you will never want to clean manually anymore. The ease, speed, and convenience of using a pressure washer are too incredible. Hence you will get used to the pressure washer. Luckily, a pressure washer is a durable machine that is built to last for years. For most pressure washers, the expected lifespan is between 400 and 500 hours. That means if you are using your pressure washer for one hour every week, your pressure washer will last for ten years. Ten years is a long time on paper, but enjoying a pressure washer working effectively for that period will make it look short. When the pressure washer gets bad, it becomes very frustrating. You immediately want to get a fix!

A standard part of the pressure washer that goes bad is the pump. When the pressure washer pump is bad, the pressure washer is gone. The pump is the part of your pressure washer that increases the water in the machine. When the pump goes bad, the water can't increase pressure, and as such, there is no pressure washer. Therefore, as much as you can, you need to predict when your pump is getting signs. Like with every machine, when a pressure washer is getting bad, it gives some warning signs. Keep reading to know the signs that your pump is getting bad.

Different sound

When you turn on your pressure washer, the pump begins to work. The pump is more or less the engine of the pressure washer. Therefore, it is the part of the pressure washer that provides the sound you hear. The sound of a pressure washer is regular, but over time, the sound may change. Sound changes are very typical in a pressure washer, but you need to study them. If you know exactly how the pressure washer pump sounds, you can easily know when the pump is struggling to work. The sound is the easiest way to prevent a worse situation with the pressure washer.

Leaking pressure washer

A common way to know that your pressure washer pump is getting bad is through leakages. Water is supposed to get into your pressure washer through a hose and leave through another hose. When you notice any leakages, it is better to switch off your pressure washer, especially when it is an electric pressure washer. The leakages may be from the hose and may require you to change them. When the leakage comes from the pump, the seal is most likely the problem. The seal is the item holding the O-ring firm. If the seal gets bad, the pressure washer pump will go bad. Also, the gasket can cause leakages. Total replacement is the only solution to these leakages.

Irregular or low pressure

Your pressure washer works with the pressure from the machine. If you notice that the pressure coming from the pressure washer is reducing and increasing, or maybe the pressure is not as high as you set it, the pump may be wrong. It means the pump is struggling to pump water. It could also mean that the pump is not receiving enough water to increase its pressure. So check your water source before trying another thing.