Features of Folding Container House

Features of Folding Container House

Container houses are gaining popularity because of their ease of mobility, robustness, and versatility. They are replacements for tents and temporary rooms on construction sites and fields. They are also used as small café-type restaurants, fairs, and small shops. They are easy to mold and decorate. They come in several sizes and can be combined to build a complete, even a double-story home. These are shipped worldwide and are finding their application as an extension to already built concrete homes.

You can visit Alibaba.com to see a variety of container houses. There are different kinds of container houses, for example, foldable, extendable, prefabricated, etc. In this article, we will get abridged knowledge of the features of a folding container house.

What is Folding Container House?

A folding container house is a small, lightweight, portable compartment that can be folded and installed easily with minimum manpower. It's usually made of steel, fiber, and cement sandwiched together to make a foldable yet robust structure.

Features of a Folding Container House

Following is the discussion of features a folding container house must have when you get one.

· Size of a Container House

A standard folding container house has 8 feet in width, 8.5 feet in height, and 20 to 40 feet in length. 7-8 people can be easily accommodated with all necessities of life.

· Ease of Transportation

As they are foldable and light, multiple containers can be shipped easily at a time. A heavy combination truck can carry 8-12 containers easily.

· Ease of Installation

As they are ready-made, all you need is to unfold, fix them, and settle in. There's no need for any technical training hence any special workforce to unfold and install. It's an easy and less time-consuming task.

· Water-Proof

They are made of material that protects them from harsh weather. The 33 mm -50 mm steel walls protect the insides from humidity and rains.

· Thermal Insulated

The steel roof and walls are sandwiched with cement and expanded polystyrene (EPS). This structure makes the roof and walls fireproof and temperature insulated.

· Durable

The houses are made of steel, cement, and fiber sheets making them robust and lasting longer than a decade. They can easily be maintained and serviced. Hence, they offer maximum value for money.

· Eco-friendly

They can be assembled, disassembled, installed, and packed without any technical work or power use.   The installation process doesn't generate any waste. Also, it's built with fewer resources than a concrete house, making it more economical and eco-friendlier.


Since the introduction of container houses, the lives of labor, field engineers, and project managers working in harsh conditions have become easy. They can now refresh and recharge in a comfortable space after a hectic day at the field or site. Additionally, you would love to have a Alibaba folding container house if you want to start a small-scale business and/or want to extend your home by putting a lawn on your rooftop. You can visit Alibaba.com to check different sizes of durable, robust, and proficient folding container houses.